What is the best way to shave head?

This is like asking about the best food to eat for breakfast. Some people like cereals, other people like English breakfast, and some like pancakes with maple syrup. Likewise, some men shave their head with an electric head shaver and some with a head-shaving razor. But just because each man does this in his own way doesn’t mean that these two methods are equally effective. It’s like with breakfast ‒ not all options are equally healthy. Therefore, when it comes to shaving your own head, there is no clear-cut answer, at least not the one that we could give without covering this topic in depth. To find out what the differences between an electric shaver and a razor are, and which of the two you should use, continue reading this article. We guarantee that you will have made your decision by the time you finish reading it.


We all know what a razor is, but do you know that the first razors were used in the Bronze Age? They were usually oval in shape and made of bronze or obsidian. Even though straight razors were most commonly used before the 20th century, today people mostly use safety razors. Modern safety razors have a safety bar which protects the skin and they can have a removable blade or cartridge. Blade razors can be single-edged, with a 4-cm (1.6-in) long piece of a straight razor, and double-edged, which have a slant bar that can be used on both sides, with two open edges. Cartridge razors are the most common shaving razors used in developed countries. They work like removable-blade razors, the only difference being that instead of just the blade, the whole head (cartridge) is removed and replaced. Cartridges usually have from two to five razor blades. The modern razor industry is based on selling inexpensive razors with not-so-inexpensive disposable blades, thus leaving customers no other choice but to buy a new blade each time the one they are using gets dull. Razors are generally used for wet shaving and they allow for a close shave, which is why they are most commonly used to remove facial hair.

Electric Shaver

An electric shaver is a device with a rotating or oscillating blade which generally doesn’t require the use of soap, water or shaving cream. Some electric shavers use rechargeable batteries with built-in or external charging devices, while some can be plugged directly into a wall outlet or have a detachable AC cord. Electric shavers have been around for some time. The first shaver was patented at the end of the 19th century, giving rise to the expansion of the electric shaver industry. In the early years of its development, electric shaver was to be used for dry shave only. However, a number of recent shavers allow for both a wet and dry shave and can be cleaned using running water or a cleaning machine. There are two types of electric shavers: foil and rotary. A foil shaver head has oscillating blades which move back and forth. The foil head is slightly rectangular, so it usually has difficulties following the contours of your face and head. This drawback is the most noticeable when it comes to getting in and around the nose and chin as these are parts of your face with most curves. Also, foil-type shavers are a bit louder than the rotary ones. Finally, a foil head requires you to move it up to down or left to right across your head or face and doesn’t allow for any circular motion. On the other hand, a rotary head usually has three discs with the razors that spin around at high speed, thus cutting your hair or beard. The greatest benefit of the rotary-style electric shaver is that its razors can bend so as to follow the contours of your head. Rotary heads pivot 360 degrees and flex inwards within the middle of all blades, allowing for closer shaves, particularly in areas with more curves. Because of its shape, you want to move the rotary head in circular motions.

Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver

If you want to know why electric head shavers are better than razors, take a look at the list below. – Faster shave Since head-shaving razors need to be frequently washed and rinsed while you are shaving, using them takes more time than using an electric razor. – More convenient Again, dry shaving is more convenient as you don’t need any water. That is why you can use an electric shaver wherever you find a mirror. – Ability to control hair length With safety razors, you can only have a close shave. So, if you want your hair to be a bit longer, you want to use an electric shaver. No (or less) rash People with irritable skin always complain about razor burns avoid irritation when using electric razors, especially if their shaving technique is not too advanced. An electric razor will leave your skin clean and smooth. – Saves money in the long run Even though electric shavers have a bigger upfront cost, they will actually save you more money over time since there is no need to buy new blades or cartridges. – Allowed on planes You are only allowed to have cartridge razors in your hand luggage, not safety razors or blades. On the other hand, nobody is going to tell you to remove your electric razor from your luggage. So, if you are a frequent flyer, this is definitely the right choice for you.

Best Electric Shavers

What if you could shave your head in 90 seconds? Would you still use a razor or switch to this new powerful device that can give you the best head shave of your life? Skull Shave electric shavers have flexible shave heads that allow for great flexing and pivoting. Each of the heads can flex independently, which results in a smooth shave that follows each contour of your head. In addition, its multiple rotary blades provide easy and comfortable coverage. Our Pitbull shavers have as many as five flexing heads, resulting in fantastic flexibility. This enables you to move the shaver forward, backward and in a circular motion. What is unique to our Pitbull shavers is the patented ergonomic handle, which gives you great comfort and extra reach. We like to say that the handle feels like an extension of your hand, which is completely true. It allows for a number of different grips, thus letting you reach the areas that would otherwise be difficult to shave, like the upper and lower parts of the back of your head. Finally, thanks to the lithium-ion battery, you can have up to 90 minutes (depending on model) of continuous cordless operation. Between two charges, the battery runs strong and has consistent performance. Finally, our shavers are water resistant, so you can use them for a dry or wet shave. Also, you can use water to clean them. To do this, turn on the shaver and put the blades in a bowl of water. The blades will self-clean and get rid of all shavings.

Bottom Line

Now you know that the best choice for a self head-shave is an electric razor. Even though safety razors might seem classier and more elegant, it all boils down to how practical and effective a razor is. If you are looking for the best way to shave head, you should definitely go for electric head shavers. They are faster, more convenient and more affordable in the long run. In addition, they won’t give you any rash, which is much more important than you might think. What’s the point of shaving your own head if you have red bumps all over it afterwards? Skull Shaver offers high-quality electric head shavers designed to give you an unforgettable shaving experience. Pitbull shavers have five flexible blades, an ergonomic handle and a cordless shave. Moreover, they are water resistant and beautifully designed. All of these features make our customers want for no other electric head shaver, that is, at least until we produce an even better one.