Unleashing Your Skins Beauty

skin care

In this era, natural skin care products are becoming more and more prevalent, as the majority of people are now acknowledging the need for pure, chemical free skin products that are also an effective form of treatment. Our skin is the largest body organ which protects our bodies vital internal systems and keeps our body at a suitable temperature. By realizing the multiple functions it plays in maintaining our well-being, it is more than important that we take care of it, especially in our environment we are exposed to pollution (smoke, gas, radical fumes and especially UV rays, which is one of the main culprits which results in aging in people and hyper-pigmentation). So what does our skin need in order to remain healthy? Our skin needs antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Aloe Vera has always been known as the “miracle healer” which has enormous soothing and healing properties. One of the greatest aspects of Aloe Vera is that it can be used to combat skin problems, such as dry, flaky skin, acne and can even prevent aging of the skin. In addition Aloe Vera is versatile and is available in many different forms, such as a moisturizer, drinking gel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, EVEN toothpaste. You can find these products made naturally from Viviane Woodard.

Recently I have been using Aloe Vera products for 4 weeks as I want to have clear & healthier looking skin, and in this time frame, I have already seem the massive changes. I am still using the products, such as the Aloe Vera day & night cream. The difference in these two is that the Day cream supports all activity & provides nourishing treatment for a fresh look all day and consists of Vitamin E and B5 which care and tackle loss of elasticity. On the other hand the night cream consists of Vitamin C and E, designed to rejuvenate the skin and improve your skin while you sleep, by boosting collagen & elastin, reducing fine lines.

Overall these Aloe Vera products can be used as a skin treatment regime which can help keep your skin looking great.