Is thrush contagious?

thrush contagious

Candida albicans is the causative organism of oral thrush, it is a bacteria found in the oral cavity as well as other mucosal areas since it is a normal part of the flora. Indeed, it is a necessary presence, since it restricts the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. However, a Candida yeast infection, visible as oral thrush in the mouth and vaginal thrush in the vagina, occurs when this bacteria rapidly multiplies. An immune compromised state within the body is the most common cause of thrush in the vagina. Ill fitting dentures, low T cell of the body, as seen in many diseases of the immune system, or poor oral hygiene are some of the many reasons oral thrush can occur. Infants are at a higher risk of contracting candidasis as their immune systems are not fully developed. All of this leaves many people wondering: Is oral thrush really contagious? Is thrush in general contagious?

Oral Thrush Contagiousness

It is fairly simple to answer the question as to how contagious thrush is. Thrush is known as an opportunistic infection. This means that thrush is not contagious in the case of most people. If a person is already suffering from an immunocompromising disease such as cancer, AIDS, mellitus, diabetes and the like, then thrush may become transmissible. If a person is suffering from one of the previous mentioned conditions, then they do in fact become rather susceptible to contracting candidasis, this makes oral thrush contagious when a person comes into contact with someone suffering from this disease. A person is at risk of catching thrush as long as that person is in a state of immunocompromising. Dentists are someone in particular that need to be careful, making sure that they always wear masks and gloves when working on patients to lessen their chances of transmission of the disease. The fungus also finds any open wound or cut on a hand to be an easy portal. There is a high chance of the spreading the candidasis after contraction if a person is indeed already immunocompromised, this can be fatal in certain cases as it can travel through the blood and into other organs

Vaginal Thrush Contagiousness

A person indulging in oral sex with a person who has vaginal thrush has a very high chance of contracting oral thrush, as vaginal thrush is very contagious. Vaginal thrust is a primarily sexually transmitted disease, so until the disease subside it is advised to avoid sexual activity, this is not only because of the high risk contagiousness of thrush to the non-affected person, but the person who already has thrush could develop severe pain and irritation from sexual activity.

Treatment of Thrush

The use of systemic or topical antifungal creams and drugs is usually all it takes to cause thrush to completely subside, as it is a fairly simple disease to treat. If the case should become severe, such as when the candidasis becomes systemic in nature, in cases like Candidal meningitis and Candidal endocarditic, heavy antibiotics along with intra venous drugs are used to treat the severe case.