Health conditions causing erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Male impotence was observed to take place only in cases when there were significant health problems of a certain kind. Further scientific investigation showed that most patients develop erectile dysfunction as a symptom to specific health conditions that seriously affect the cardiovascular system one way or the other. The most common conditions of this kind would be hypertension, heart diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, drug abuse, lack of physical activity, smoking, specific types of cancer and other conditions. Dealing with most of these conditions is rather complicated and involves a very complicated treating pattern so eliminating erectile dysfunction by removing the cause isn’t actually the best solution. Especially in patients whose conditions are chronic. This entire health problem has one thing in common – they deteriorate blood vessels throughout the body, including the penile area. When this happens there’s less blood available for forming an erection, that’s why erections become weaker and less stable – there’s simply not enough blood flowing into the penile shaft for that.

How erectile dysfunctuion drugs work?

Now, how do the erectile dysfunction drugs like work? The solution to the problem is actually very simple and really effective. These drugs stimulate additional blood flow when an erection is formed allowing stronger and more durable erections when there are other factors affecting the formation of erection. To be more precise, Levitra and similar drugs blog a certain enzyme that is responsible for the flow of blood out of the penis after ejaculation. Normally, it comes into effect after the intercourse is finished. But when there’s weak blood circulation in the penis it impedes erection all the time by making the blood flow out of the shaft. That’s drugs such as levitra will work with just any health condition causing erectile dysfunction. Of course, you should consult with your doctor first but they are actually safe to take with most of the health conditions mentioned that are known to cause male impotence.