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What is Small Bowel Cancer

Small bowel cancers include adenocarcinomas, carcinoid tumours, lymphomas, and leimyosarcomas. The small bowel is composed of the duedenun, jejenum, and ileum. It is the part of the Gastro-Intestinal ..

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What You Should Know about Marijuana Detox

Overview As laws change, talking about marijuana use is slowly becoming more common. Some people are assessing its medicinal value, while others are looking for ways to flush it out of their system because of drug testing detailed guide...

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What is Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas is a gland approximately 13 cm long that is situated behind the stomach. It lies across the back wall of the abdomen, between the spleen on the left and the first part of the small intestine (called...

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Menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycle symptoms

The menstrual cycle is a monthly occurrence. This cycle, more commonly called a period; take into account the time between the first menstrual bleeding of the month until the start of the first day of menstrual bleeding the following...

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Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Recovery At 22, Melissa D’Angelo was lost. Her life looked enviable from the outside—she had a college degree, a loving family, a good job. But as she found herself increasingly dependent on drugs, she battled to find balance and...

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What is the best way to shave head?

This is like asking about the best food to eat for breakfast. Some people like cereals, other people like English breakfast, and some like pancakes with maple syrup. Likewise, some men shave their head with an electric head shaver...

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Protein deficiency

Protein deficiency symptoms

A health condition that can be responsible for many incidents of health hazards, including various diseases and starvation across the world, is protein deficiency. Third World countries bear the major brunt of protein deficiency related diseases, but this condition...

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